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What to wear on a Friday (Casual Friday)

If you have a job or internship, you may have encountered Casual Friday, AKA the one day of the week when it’s acceptable to wear something more laid-back than usual.

While the concept of Casual Fridays sounds simple, in reality, it feels like yet another way for workplace dress codes to confuse us.

The best resource for this would be your colleagues / dress code or company's handbook, which should list what is and is not allowed on casual Friday. Another good resource would be your team leader, who can probably give you details on what they expect of you.

Also, if you’re at a new job, it never hurts to abstain for a week or two and observe how your peers interpret the dress code. This will give you an idea of what flies, what doesn’t, and how that can translate to your wardrobe and personal style, from choosing a casual shoes or denims with social sneakers or a slim fit Tailored suit with white sneakers

Below, we’ve put together some casual Friday looks for you

we’ve got some tips on what to wear to make getting dressed for Casual Fridays a snap!

1) Chinos with a Shirt and Smart shoes

2) Jeans with white shirt and Smart shoes

3) Navy Jacket with chinos and a solid Shirt

4) Jacket with Jeans and white sneakers (My fav option)

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