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Traditional Hand Tailored Safari Suit with a Modern Twist

The Safari Suit is designed for fashion and function. Not only is it a joy to wear but very versatile. You can dress formal and casual depending on the material used to Make your Safari suit.

You can dress up in safari suits we celebrate by visiting various fashion houses around Europe and Africa to see the latest trends in Mens Safari Suits. Our aim has been, and continues to be, to celebrate the safari suit in all its glory – world wide – so if you wear one please let us know by sending a photo and your safari suit story and we’ll post it on this site.

The safari suit can be worn anywhere from the steaming hot jungle of the Congo to the fashionably cool urban jungle. The Go-Anywhere safari suit will allow entry into the grungiest pit or the swishiest nightclub or casino.

Totally fashionable, totally drip dry, with its practicability of a multiple choice of pockets that could house the form guide and winning tickets out on the track, or important accessories such as sequined sunnies and frizz comb out on the town. It is a real winner with the ladies also.

The ladies are not left out, however, as you will see in the photos and award winners pages. Our Ladies love waring Safari Suits. A Hand Tailored Safari Suit with attention to details from Pockets to Button Holes keeps it stylish and not routine. I believe one must have a few safari suits in their collection.

Include some details in your Tailored Safari suit for eg., Choose your buttons from metal to Bone to marble finish. Short or long sleeve safari. Your tailor can guid you what will look best on you. Choose from Wool to linens to Cashmere to Superfine wool blends

Im a fan when it comes to safari suits and I believe it looks pretty cool.

Contact TRUBLU TAILOR for your new Bespoke Safari Suit. The choice is unlimited.

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