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Summer Wedding Style Ideas for

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A time when you can really let loose, suit up, and celebrate the nuptials of your nearest and dearest friends and family. But lining up a men’s summer wedding Suit in time for the big day is stressful, and even more so when you’re planning everything from Suit to Gifts. A smart gentleman thinks about what to wear early on, in order to avoid last-minute rush.

Finding men’s summer wedding outfits can bring a new set of sartorial challenges with it that we don’t usually face in cooler climates. Summer weddings require paying close attention to fabric choices to ensure you don’t end up sweating all the way through the father of the bride’s long-winded speech.

On the other hand, you don’t want an ill-fitting suit that creases in all the wrong places so you’ve got fabric flapping all over the place like loose skin Hahaha.

To strike a best balance between fit, fabric and style, read on to discover our best summer wedding ensembles.

So, what makes a good men’s summer wedding outfit?

Two little words; dress code. The dress code should be listed on the invitation and will dictate just what level of formality the event requires. Dress codes for summer weddings can range from a casual beach wedding to black tie. But beware; even beach weddings may require wearing a suit, or, at the very least, a sports jacket with lightweight trousers. Shorts are rarely appropriate even at beach weddings so, if in doubt, lean towards more formal rather than less. Also, remember that a more relaxed dress code doesn’t mean sloppy.

And don’t just observe the dress code. The wedding venue will also give you important clues as to what to wear. For instance, garden or country weddings are often more casual, while a wedding in a church or in the city hotel banquet may be more formal and requires Tuxedo or a Suit

Just because you’re dressing up doesn’t mean you need to take outfit too seriously. Try to inject some of your own personality into your outfit.

If the wedding is a little more casual, you can try a two-piece suit. The best part about separates is that you can mix and match them for the next wedding with ease and, if you change up the accessories and shirt, you’ll look like a brand-new man every time.

Alternatively, a more formal look might call for a three-piece wedding suit. For summer, try light colours like grey with a blue shirt and dark tie, or an ivory 3-piece wedding suit with a white shirt.

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