If a Suits rank as the most articulate garment in the language of clothes, then it should guarantee sartorial eloquence.


Why Custom Made?


Today the term "Custom Made" has come to the wide range of manufacturing process. Legitimately a Bespoke Suit involves a specific series of steps with commensurate degrees of quality. 

A Trublu suit represents a highest level of authentic bespoke craftsmanship distinguished by its construction and tailoring.

Wearing something expressly created for ones body and mind is an intoxicating Luxury. Even in today's culture of instant gratification, a large majority of worlds best dressed people still go to the effort of having their suits Custom Tailored.



Each Client is Different 

Customers live different lifestyles, have different personal fits and preferences about comfort and style. Your personal Expert will get to know you so he can best guide you through the joy of choosing every detail of your suit. Select each detail of your garments, from the fabric, to the cut, style, to the buttons, lapel, and lining, and allow our master tailors to advice you and bring the fabric to life with all the subtle and unseen details that make our clothing Personalised to every detail.

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Trublu Shirt

The Bespoke service is a flawless expression of our heritage of fine tailoring. Each unique commission is hand-crafted ensuring an impeccable silhouette with superior attention to detail; elegant, refined and incredibly comfortable.

The Bespoke Journey

Your exclusive experience begins with a first appointment with a Bespoke ambassador and your personal tailor, who will walk you through every step of the garment’s creation. The tailor will then take your measurements to create a unique pattern adapted to your body down to the millimeter.
Once your preferred design features are set, we will create a customized blueprint for the fabric cutting. 
You will meet your master tailor for fittings before your bespoke garment is finalized to ensure that every element is executed to perfection.