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What your suit says about your personality!!

We all know how important is to look Sharp in this competitive world.

Wearing something well-fitted is half battle won. Study says Clients customers already make up their mind even before you start sales talking. So this is where clothes come into the picture. And not only clothes but a well fitted Clothes. Below are some dressing ideas where you can choose according your your business model and the day of work.

My first choice will be a well-tailored suit:

Shades of Charcoal, Navy or a well-fitted Black suit works wonders in the corporate world.

On a Friday or a weekend meeting please do not wear a suit and a time. make the other person feel relaxed and comfortable well weekend is here. Wear a perfect tailored shirt more relaxed colours may be check or pink or lilic. Team it with tailor made chinos and a smart shoes. If the meeting is more formal slip on a Custom made Navy jacket or a Linen jacket.

A beautifully tailored suit will say just about as much or even more than a mass-produced suit does, albeit more positively!

First, it tells people that you care about yourself and you invest in yourself when it comes to looking your best. People will hear the suit speak out, calling out for respect for its wearer, and it’ll tell them that you're trustworthy.

A custom-tailored suit will tell everyone that you care about quality. The fit and look of a suit that fits your body perfectly tells everyone that you are here to command respect. It'll tell everyone that your work ethic is the same, and that you put your best foot forward in accomplishing tasks and creating high-quality results.

Finally, a tailored suit will tell everyone that you respect the other individual. If you were to walk into an interview with the boss, he or she would appreciate that you put effort into looking good.

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