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What shoes can I wear with my new tailored tuxedo??

Selecting a pair of shoes is a personal, if not intimate experience. We wear our favorite shoes hundreds of times before throwing them out or restoring them. And, if our shoes look good and feel good on our feet, then somehow we feel better.

Black Tie: When you are invited or hosting a black tie event and the invitation clearly states BLACK TIE then there is no question you have to wear your best Tailored Tuxedo with a patent leather shoes. This gives a sense of elegance. Not very often we get a chance to dress up so smart. So give your best try your tuxedo a week in advance get it steamed/ altered/ fitted if needed. Don't forget to check your bespoke white shirt for any yellow stains or dirty collar or cuffs. If your shirt is a double cuffs organise a cufflinks well in advance.

For a Bespoke suit and bespoke shirt consultation please contact TRUBLU TAILOR

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