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Tuxedo Studs for Tuxedo Shirt

The Studs for my Tux

Most tuxedo shirts can be fastened with regular buttons, or they can be fitted with studs and cuff links. Show people you care and are different from usual, always opt for studs and cufflinks for your shirt closures. If you want to go all out, this is one area where you can go out and buy a fun set to personalize your ensemble with a little flair. But at the end of the day, a basic set with black centers and silver/Gold rims will get the job done nicely.

Tuxedo Studs give you a classic look but a flip side is they tend to open up with some more than required movement like dance party or wedding dance. Another good option will be metal buttons instead of studs. which look like studs but are hand stitched metal buttons. The right size and right collar does the trick and give you that stud look without being conscious of opening.

Contact Trublu Tailor for getting a Hand Tailored Shirt or Tuxedo Studs for your special occasion

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