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Tips to choose a Perfect Tailored Winter Suits


However, it’s one thing to wear a suit during summer, and it’s another to do so in colder months. Chances are, you need layers of clothes to get by during the cold season while trying to look trendy. That said, there are ways to keep you warm without compromising your sense of fashion and style. In fact, you can have a suit maker in Johannesburg to create and design the perfect suit for you. In this article, we’ve rounded up few tips for your perfect winter suit. 1. Use a sweater or waist coat to warm up. Sure, a sweater or waist coat is best paired with a collared shirt for winter wear. However, the right inner can do wonders for the suit, when matched and pulled off properly. The trick is, for a slim-fitting suit, you should opt for a sweater/waist coat with form-fitting fabrics such as merino, lambswool, or cashmere. Augment the look with a V-neck, which is ideal for showing your tie with a touch of formality. 2. Wrap a scarf around your neck. The use of a scarf is for both aesthetics and functionality. While it’s best used as a stylish accessory, it can keep you warm when wrapped around your neck. Make sure that you go for one that complements your suit well in terms of color, style, and design. 3. Opt for thick knits. Thin fabrics and streamlined looks are ideal for the summer months. Do note, however, that the colder months require a wide variety of fabrics and textures, not to mention the knits. A thick knit tie is not only suited for the season, but it is also very appealing. That said, classic silk tie may be your go-to for business meetings, formal events, or other special occasions. 4. Never miss out on a pair of socks. The right pair of socks is perfect for keeping you warm during the colder months. Given that sockless suiting seems to be the trend these days, you should be reminded of the benefits of wearing socks during the colder months. Stay comfortable and add some seasonal punch to an otherwise straightforward suit. 5. Have a coat over your suit. Wearing a coat over your suit is one good way to keep you warm. Note that a suit may not match a bulky parka elegantly. Opt for a conventional overcoat instead as it’s designed to be worn atop a slim suit. When unbuttoned, the coat over your suit will help you endure even the harshest weather. Yet, you are good to go and ready for any business matter. With a little strategic planning, you can make do with your suit and get by during the colder months, all while looking absolutely fabulous! If you’re looking for an affordable tailor in Johannesburg to make you a custom suit, get in touch with Trublu Tailor Today!

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