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If you’re a young professional who is about to jump into the corporate world, the most significant factor in how you create a great first impression is your appearance. That’s aside from your credentials, of course.

Your appearance influences the way people perceive and form their first impressions of you—from your grooming to the clothes that you wear. How you look suggests what kind of young professional you are. It can make you look confident, punctual, and capable enough to take on any type of role—or not.

Your clothes are a huge factor in how you present yourself to make a great first impression. But what should you have in your wardrobe as a young professional?

To help you make a first impression that will last in your favor, we’ve prepared a quick guide on what you need to have in your closet. Here are the wardrobe staples you should readily have

The easiest way to show that you mean business: BLAZER

Business casual attire in the modern workplace has been on the rise. A well Tailored blazer can help you come off as a competent professional. Regardless of whether the company you work at is still heavy on the traditional “suit-and-tie” dress code or laid back with business casual, a blazer will always do the trick. Compared to suit jackets and sports coats, blazers maintain a certain balance that is required to pull off the business casual with an undeniable level of finesse.

My Suggestion: A navy blue Blazer Choose a correct shade of Navy (Not too blue nor as dark as black. you don't want it to look of of your dads suit jackets)

Making a great impression with: Elegant leather shoe

Here’s a little bit of business casual-related truth that can go a long way: if you don’t have a good pair of shoes to match your outfit, then don’t bother putting everything together at all.

A footwear choice that won’t let you down is a pair of leather oxfords. Nothing seems to hit the business casual tone better than the way leather oxfords do. They have a timeless and versatile, yet subtle and classic look that complements the rest of your outfit.

The best part about leather oxfords is that they come in different colors and styles to fit any kind of refined taste. Pair it with a Khaki chinos and a well Tailored Shirt

It’s all in the details: Necktie

Putting on a business casual attire for young professionals without a slim necktie is like having a cog missing from a machine. As minor as it may be, it helps ensure that the entire thing works.

Having a slim necktie is a no-brainer for every young professional that has to get on with a business casual dress code. It makes you look slimmer and help you achieve business chic.

When purchasing a slim necktie, the rule of thumb is that the color has to be in contrast with your dress shirt. It is better when it is in a darker tone.

Every young professional should always dress up to create a great impression. These are only a few business casual essentials to have in your wardrobe. When you dress up properly, you can come off as a top-level executive, even when you’re just starting to rise up the ranks.

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