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leather Jacket a must have in your closet

Gone are the days when leather jackets used to be the statement dress code of cowboys and were mostly worn at ranches. Today, leather jackets are synonymous with haute couture. Leather has carved a niche for itself in the modern fashion arena as these jackets made animal hide are quite versatile and can be worn throughout the year. Leather jackets are every bit stylish and durable. With the growing popularity, the manufacturers have seen a surge in demand.

Style it as you like it

Custom Leather jackets look equally good on men irrespective of their age and color. They are available in many styles. They can make you look dapper. Style yourself as per the need of the occasion. Pair them with denim or cotton pants. Depending on the weather scenario you can even experiment with a leather-on-leather look. Accessories them with boots to complete the look.

Be it a dinner date with family or an evening out with friends nothing will beat the aura of a leather jacket. You can proudly flaunt it and look macho at the same time. Leather jackets have proved to be one of the preferred wardrobe-essentials. Wide range of leather jackets provides a perfect stage to pick what you like. You must get a customize version of a leather jacket. At Trublu we can make you a bespoke leather jacket as per your requirements and body size.

Buy a genuine product

It is always best to buy genuine Leather jackets made from 100% pure Napa sheep’s skin. This particular type of animal hide has a fine grain texture. The soft and luxurious feel is bound to make you satisfied. These days manufacturers even add a layer of waterproofing to make the leather jacket suitable for all weather conditions. Be it snow or a bike ride by the riverside, sporting a leather Jacket will be sheer pleasure.

Flaunt it uninhibitedly

There are plenty of designs and colors available on the market, the confusion between classic black or a more modern shade is a universal issue. When it comes to leather jackets always buy the style and design that uplifts your personal style. Taking inspiration is good but the final product should complement your body structure as well. As far as color choice, a classic tan or black goes with almost everything. Looking for some fun, you may experiment with dark blue or even mustard. Keep the occasion and need in mind before deciding on the color.

Wear your dream design

Be it our very own Hollywood celebrities or dignitaries from around the world, they have time and again worn their favorite leather jackets for various events. From Tom Cruise to Ashton Kutcher – each style has been a rage. Time has come to give wings to your imaginations. At Trublu, there are styles galore. Take a clue from your style icon and get it made as per your fit. You even have the option to change the color and add a few details to the existing design. Just flaunt it with ease.

Real versus fake

The doubt about whether to invest in a real leather jacket or a faux leather jacket must have surely crossed your mind. Faux leather jackets will last you only for a season or two. The fake or artificial leather starts to peel after some time and gives an incredibly sad appearance. They might be easy on the pocket but lack the style quotient. The difference between real versus fake is very evident.

Real leather jackets can be little expensive, but they will last you a lifetime. All they need is a little care and maintenance. Leather jackets are worth every penny and what’s more they can be made part of your family heirloom.

Durability, Care and upkeep

A little upkeep is required to keep your leather jacket looking fresh and new. Always air dry your leather jackets in sunlight before storing them away. During humid weather remember to check for molds or moisture as well. Modern tanners use water-based dyes which helps the finished product to age gracefully. Every search comes down to finding the right fit and cut. Style it the way you feel and be the star yourself. Be assured of attracting many compliments as a leather jacket has the power to elevate your look and give you the confidence . Go ahead a give it a try.

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