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Cotton Vs Polyester Shirts

5 Advantages Cotton Has Over Polyester

Let's take a look at the areas in which cotton fabrics score higher than polyester:

Cotton is more breathable than polyester

Thanks to its natural fibers, cotton is a more breathable fabric compared with polyester.

Cotton is softer than polyester

Thanks to its soft, natural fibers, shirts made with cotton are one of the most comfortable. Cotton shirts are perfect for casual outings or the cool indoors.

Cotton is biodegradable

While cotton fabrics take up a lot of water and chemicals to produce, cotton's natural fibers make it more easily biodegradable compared polyester when processed as waste.

Cotton gives you less stench

Cotton absorbs your sweat, so you won’t smell as bad after a workout compared to polyester. For active Men/Women

who can't stand their own body odor after an intense workout, you might just want to pack up on cotton sports wear.

Cotton is suitable for sensitive skin

Unlike synthetic fibers like polyester which are made of materials that may cause skin reactions, cotton shirts are more suited for people with sensitive skin. Wearing cotton shirts give you a worry-free and comfortable experience.

I Personally love cotton and Linens as they work best on every skin type and looks elegant as compared to any other material. It takes a little more effort to maintain. But we are blessed to be living in South African where we have a friendly staff to help us with the washing and cleaning

For business Tailored shirts if you can afford I personally think cottons are better choice for Bespoke shirts.

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