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Choosing a Perfect Custom Tailored Casual Suit or Jacket

The right fabric

Cotton is a popular choice because it's light, soft. It's easy to find a cotton suit because it is readily available and appropriate for spring weather. Likewise, linen is also necessary for warm weather because it's thinner than cotton to make air flow freely. Meanwhile, suits made of corduroy or wool are suitable for cold conditions.

Easy to match suits

You must select a colour that blends well with your existing wardrobe. Choosing a bright suit will be difficult to pair with most shirts, and accessories. In contrast, a typical all-black outfit will help eliminate this concern because it is easy to match with other most shirts. Yet, while the ever-reliable black suit is the perfect base, it does not mean that you must limit your wardrobe to only one color. Different colors like grey and blue are also easy to match, making your attire selection much more comfortable.

Hugs your body right

No two individuals have identical body shapes, which means that what fits for others may not be suitable for you. Consider yourself fortunate if you can find an off-the-rack suit from a local retail store that perfectly fits your body. However, this happens rarely, and you're better off having your suit customized by a bespoke tailor. They will take your measurements and craft a suit that fits your figure perfectly.

Made with excellence

Assessing if the suit is of high-quality material is a vital aspect to consider when looking for a durable option. Some custom tailors undermine quality and save money by using substandard material that makes the suits look and feel cheap. They may look impressive at first glance, but you'll know that they are of low quality once you wear them. The fabric of these low-grade suits degrades quickly, causing you to spend more money by buying another suit in near future.

Assess the shoulders

Check the shoulder area of the suit to determine whether or not it will not mess up. Bulky suit jackets look awkward because of the excess fabric in the shoulders. On the other hand, a suit coat that fits correctly will have the joints in place without unnecessary material. Try a new suit for a few minutes and check for excess cloth while facing a mirror. If the shoulder area is too big, you can find another coat or have it altered if there's no better option.

Jazz it up

High-quality suits can stand alone without additional accessories. However, you can go the extra mile by choosing the right accessories to present yourself in the best way possible. The accessories will depend on your style, but keep in mind that a pocket square enhances your appearance. Wearing a necktie and an elegant wristwatch are perfect accents that compliment your suit.

Perfection is their calling card

Suits created by Trublu Tailor are nothing short of perfect. They weave outfits based on your measurements to fit your body well. Their extensive experience is a testament to the satisfaction they deliver for every customer.

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