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Best Fabrics for Finest Bespoke Tailoring

A fabric has a value only if it's in a perfect harmony with the Bespoke tailor working on it.

For this reason, attention to details is the cornerstone of our tailoring business. Starting right from selection of the material down to the button hole. The same rules are observed for the linings and trimmings used inside of your Custom Tailored suit and Tailored pants. For eg., Our jackets are lined with your selected linings and specially picked contrast sleeve linings which are made for absolute comfort for movement and durability. The piping on the inside of your Tailored Jacket is contrast. And pants have a inside grip on the waist band to hold your shirt in place and our pants lined to the knee for added comfort.

We believe quality is a value, the result of centuries-old tradition of passing from hand to hand, the canons of the purest knowledge and style. Authenticity comes with renewal, so each collection is a new interpretation that gives new meaning to the concept of style and elegance.

Tailoring suiting and shirting materials are an instrument of various emotions. Giving an observer a multi sensory experience, starting with a sixth sense, that of a TRUBLU for creativity. These varying demensions reflect the profound evolution, the authentic luxury, the vibrancy of elegant tailoring and finish that gives life and timeless elegance to the sartorial traditions.

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